MEDIATOR TOP Systemic insecticide equivalent CONFIDOR 1 LT

MAIN FEATURES     Wide spectrum of action.     It acts on numerous key insects such as aphids and aleurodids.     It acts by ingestion on insects with a stinging mouthpart - sucking and chewing.ADVANTAGES     Toreador represents the reference solution for the control of aphids and aleurodides on a large number of crops.     Toreador has long persistence...

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CLINIC ST Erbicida Diserbante Totale equivalente Glifosate Roundup 5 L

CLINIC ST Erbicida Diserbante Totale equivalente Glifosate Roundup 5 LCLINIC ST è un erbicida fogliare non selettivo a base di Glifosate per il controllo di graminacee e dicotiledoni annuali e perenni.Il prodotto viene assorbito dalle foglie e trasportato verso l’apparato radicale.L’effetto biologico di Clinic ST si manifesta con:        ingiallimento...

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Brand: RoundUp

ROUNDUP 360 POWER 2.0 Herbicide Glifosate 1 L

Roundup Power 2.0, New Generation Power     Total action systemic herbicide for weed post-emergence applications.     Concentrated soluble liquid.     Glyphosate pure acid (360 gr / l) in the form of potassium salt.     Surfactants: high affinity ethoxylated heteramines for cuticular waxes.     Classification: GHS07; H319.     Packaging: 1 - 5 - 20...

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