Brand: RoundUp

ROUNDUP 360 POWER 2.0 Herbicide Glifosate 20 L

Roundup Power 2.0, New Generation Power     Total action systemic herbicide for weed post-emergence applications.     Concentrated soluble liquid.     Glyphosate pure acid (360 gr / l) in the form of potassium salt.     Surfactants: high affinity ethoxylated heteramines for cuticular waxes.     Classification: GHS07; H319.     Packaging: 1 - 5 - 20...

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Electric Harvester Olistar 1J 330

Harvester designed for hobbyists or small producers!

The strengths are:

     PVC and resin rakes guarantee excellent durability and efficiency
     Telescopic rod with anti-rotation system that allows a long life to the spiral cable located inside the rod
     The 12m extension that allows a large work space. Suitable for harvesting olives, dried fruit and coffee.



Technical features

     Speed: 1 (BPM1150)
     Motor: 12 Volt (Johnson with brushes) 500W
     Gears: in steel with heat treatment
     Power cable: 12 mt
     Height: 1.70mt <> 2.60 m (2.10 mt <> 3.30 m
     Telescopic rod: with anti-rotation system
     Weight: 2.85 Kg

Battery not supplied

Recommended battery: 12 V 70A (not supplied)

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